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Little Darling was born from the belief that music has the power to heal and create harmony in our children’s lives. Music is vibration and, from as early as our time in the womb, we attune to its frequencies—we just aren’t always aware of how impactful it can be to us! Thanks to the support of science, medicine, physics and our own experiences, we now know that what we hear can directly effect how we feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At Little Darling, we are dedicated to creating music for children in order to restore balance and enhance feelings of comfort, safety, joy and excitement in their lives. We’re also passionate about raising our collective awareness of music’s universal ability to help us, no matter our age, heal and experience greater happiness and positivity. We promise to continuously share resources that support the importance of music in our lives to keep you updated and informed. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey!


The voice is often considered the most significant sound to humans, especially to our little ones. It creates an inner connection from soul to soul, communicating love and affection in a way that no other sound on earth can replicate. In recent years, pediatric research has given us clinical evidence to support the healing power of song, showing that soft, soothing vocals can reduce children’s heart rates, improve sleep and perk up feeding patterns. Though parents have instinctively sung to their children for thousands of years to help them relax, it’s exciting to have science now show that lullabies offer children true healing benefits!


Songs on the album, Darling Lullabies, are performed a cappella to offer the calmness and affection of a human voice, along with the soothing sounds of breath and natural silence. These lullabies and the vibrations they emit intend to sooth, comfort and create a feeling of safety for children when in a state of excitement, discomfort or distress. Naptime or bedtime are ideal times to incorporate this wellness technique—we hope you may even feel the benefits of relaxation!

Conciones De Cuna features traditional Spanish lullabies from Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico

Conciones De Cuna features traditional Spanish lullabies from Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico

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  • I have a dedicated Darling Lullabies playlist on my iPod in Callum's room. We have a daily nap routine of turning the fan on, turning your lullabies on, putting his lovie on my shoulder and laying him down. I tried other lullabies (classics) before yours and it just didn’t relax him the same. We struggled with naps for a long time, but your voice is a little piece of magic in his room! I am forever grateful for you helping us through naptime!

    Whitney R., mother of Callum (11 months)
  • Darling Lullabies is so soulful and beautiful – and it’s both soothing for my son, as well as for me, especially as we wind down the day. He’s drawn to music, and these lullabies are ones that we can share together.

    Carly S., mother of Bennett, (18 months)
  • Darling Lullabies have brought peace and calm to our nap and bedtime routines. The a cappella music relaxes my children and relieves all tension from what was traditionally a difficult part of our day. Now my daughters fall asleep in under 10 minutes, rather than an hour or more.

    Kim T., mother of Willa (4 years) and Ellis (2.5 years)
  • My busy little toddler loves nothing more than snuggling into his afternoon nap with Little Darlings dreamy lullabies.

    Julie N., mother of Mason (17 months)
  • Lisa's music is not only calming to my children, but to me as well! Her voice is soothing and promotes an instant state of relaxation. Darling Lullabies has become a part of our nap and nighttime routine!

    Amanda B., mother of Will (3.5 years) and Evelyn (1.5 years)
  • Lisa's voice is one of the most soothing voices and the lullabies are wonderful a cappella. We play her lullabies before naptime to get everyone settled down and peaceful. Even I become relaxed!

    Jordan S., mother of Leo (3 years) and Nash (18 months)
  • I realize these are supposed to be relaxing songs for winding down...however, my son loves Lisa's voice so much, he cannot help but shake his body and dance. He's fifteen months old and asks for more if I turn it off. Additionally, I love Lisa's music! Her voice is transfixing and absolutely beautiful. It's a major plus when I find the music enjoyable, too!

    Sidni W., mother of Mason (15 months)
  • Lisa's soothing tones never fail to relax and calm my daughter when she is tired and cranky, and it keeps me relaxed too. Our bedtime routine isn't complete without a Darling Lullaby, especially our favourite, Molly Malone which always gets a huge smile. I can't recommend them enough.

    Jill G., mother of Katie (2 years)


ORMC & Darling Lullabies!

Date:14 Aug 2015

Hello loves! I have some exciting news to share! The Pediatric Department at Orange Regional Medical Center / ORMC in Middletown, NY is now playing Darling Lullabies! The Child Life Read more…

Thank You, JCC!

Date:29 Apr 2015

Hiya Friends, In Feb & March I had the special opportunity to perform a cappella lullabies live for families during the seasonal R&R program at the JJC. It was so Read more…

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Lisa little darling music

Hi little loves! Thank you so much for visiting the site. My name is Lisa Darling and I have been singing my way through life since I was a wee little girl. Originally from England, my family’s musical roots run deep with the love and passion for singing passed down from many generations. Some of my fondest memories include singing with my nana, granddad, mom and sister to old lullabies, show tunes and war songs, many of which I still know by heart and bring me a great deal of comfort and joy to this day.

My passion for singing and sharing those songs from my past grew after uncovering multiple studies in the U.S. and abroad that proved how lullabies help children heal in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units. Being in the medical sales industry for several years, I realized the relevancy of this data and became inspired to help children heal in my own unique way. As my enthusiasm for this work grew, so did my knowledge and understanding of just how influential music’s vibrations are to fostering healing, enhancing positivity and promoting overall wellness in our daily lives. Little Darling was created to combine my passion for healing through singing and a drive to support and advocate for improved wellness through music. I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York.


I’d love to connect with you! Become part of the Little Darling community and be the first to hear new music and learn more about how music enriches our lives.

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